Palmpay Review: Scam Or Legit? Disadvantages & Advantages

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Palmpay Review: Scam Or Legit? Disadvantages & Advantages 

Palmpay Review: Scam Or Legit? Disadvantages & Advantages

In this post, you'll find one of the most honest reviews of Palmpay.

Palmpay is a financial app available for Nigerians and Ghanaians. 

The Palmpay application comes installed in most Chinese android phones especially Tecno, Infinix and Itel, which are prevalently used in African climes.

This has made the Palmpay app popular within Africa, especially Nigeria in recent time.

As a user of the Palmpay app for over a year, I have tasted the good and bad side of Palmpay.

This review, is to help you decide if Palmpay is the right choice for you, after weighing the demerits and merits of the service, you can confidently decide and/or be careful about them.

Be it known that there is one Palmpay online investment that is totally a scam.

This scam is to lure people into losing their money, as the scammers share screen shots of alerts on social media claiming to have been received from the platform.

Do not fall prey to such scams as you will lose your hard earned money.

I will now focus on the Palmpay financial app that is used for transfers and bill payments.

If it comes to making bill payments, Palmpay is one of the apps that helps you to do it fast, though not without a sour side that you have to be careful about.

You can pay bills as well as send and receive money with the app almost for free. 

  • So Palmpay's advantages include free bank transfers and bill payments.

  • Cashback you can apply to your next bill payments.

It was not until Friday, 26th August 2022 that I tasted the sour side of Palmpay's service.

Palmpay customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered.

If money is debited from your account over a failed transaction, it is better you forget and let it go, or the money and time you'll waste contacting Palmpay customer care may end up equating to what was debited from your account. At the end, the money may still not be refunded to you.

It is possible the customer agents are not empowered to refund money debited over failed transactions or it's a sheer deliberate decision on the part of Palmpay not to refund money back to customers' accounts.

I made an electricity bill payment with the Palmpay app on the date stated above. While Palmpay debited the money for the transaction from my account, it failed to send the transaction token. Palmpay further removed the transaction from the transaction details. If I had not known how much was in my account, I would not have known that the money was debited from my account.

I put a call across to Palmpay customer care to complain about the debit and I was told the transaction was still pending, and that a token would be issued within 48 hours, or the money reverted.

I waited for the said time but it was not reverted.

I called Palmpay customer care back on Sunday over the same issue, and I got an excuse that it was weekend and that is why the transaction was still pending.

I waited till Monday and called them back. This time, it was a male voice behind the receiver. He told me to wait for another 24 hours and the money will be reverted automatically.

After 24 hours the money was not reverted, so I decided to call them back. This time, I got the dreaded 'all our agents are currently busy'.

It was only the first three calls I made that were picked up by human beings. For subsequent calls, a robot in the name of a recorded computer voice ended up burning my call credits.

When I discovered that calls were no longer connecting to the customer care help desk, I decided to send them a mail.

It was after two days that I got a shocking response to the mail I was long waiting for a reply to.

The reply I got was:

Dear valued customer, Kindly be informed that your ticket "****** Request for Refund of Debited Amount Over Failed Transaction" has been Closed. We hope that we've helped you to the best of your satisfaction. If you would require further assistance on this same issue, please reply to this email with your feedback so we can re-open a new ticket to investigate further. Otherwise, please ignore this email. Thank you for choosing PalmPay. Regards, Palmpay Customer Service.

I sent a reply querying how they would close a ticket they've not responded to before, and that I was patiently waiting for response to, but they did not send back any response.

It's been over two weeks since the debit was carried out on my account but until now, the money has not been refunded.

It seems I will just let it go.

This post is to help as many as would want to make use of the Palmpay app or their service to be careful.

If you choose to use the Palmpay app after reading this review, I will advise you don't put money or make transactions with huge amount you cannot afford to lose when anything goes wrong.

There are many Palmpay alternatives out there such as Opay, Kuda, etc., though I've not encountered the effectiveness of the customer service of these other financial apps.

I have decided to write this post to help as many as would want to make use of the Palmpay service to tread on the path of caution.

Palmpay refunded the money back to my account after almost three weeks of the debit. Therefore I am updating this review. What I learnt from the experience is that Palmpay customer care could be very slow at attending to issues hence, one still needs to tread on the path of caution.

If you still would like to use palmpay after reading this review, you can do so here but caution is the watchword.

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