How To Resize Images In Microsoft Paint

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How To Resize Images In Microsoft Paint

Images come in various formats and sizes. Your ability to resize an image to various dimensions is handy at a time of need. 

There are various programs used for resizing images. One of such which is also very popular if you are on Windows, is the Microsoft paint (MS paint for short).

This small program is quite handy for making quick and simple edits to images.

In this post, I'll show you exactly how you can resize images in Microsoft paint.

To start, open Microsoft paint and import your image or simply right click an image and select edit. This will open the image in paint.

While the image is opened, head to the resize option on the options bar and click it.

Next thing is to choose how you want to resize your image. If you'd like to scale the image based on certain percentage of the original, click percentage and input the value. 

To scale in pixels, choose the pixel option and enter the new value in pixels you wish to scale the image.

If you wish to maintain the aspect ratio of the image, click this box. This will make sure the image is scale proportionately on both horizontal and vertical dimension.

When you are done, click OK.

And that is how simple it is to resize images in Microsoft Paint.

You can watch the video below for a visual guide.


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