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Clinique B2c: Reviews, Login, Signup, Legit?, App, Clinique Products

Clinique B2c: Reviews, Login, Signup, Legit?, App, Clinique Products

Clinique is a beauty, skincare and cosmetic company that manufactures and sells a range of beauty and skincare products such as beauty creams, lipsticks, makeup products, etc.

The company has branches all over the world.

Clinique is quite a popular brand as the company produces products that really work. There are lots of positive reviews online about the effectiveness of Clinique products and how they have really worked for people who purchased them.

Clinique produces and sells various products for the skin. Some of their products include:

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ - This Clinique product is one of their best sellers. It had a 4+ positive reviews from 6794 happy customers at the time of writing this post. The dramatically different moisturizing lotion+ is Clinique's bestselling face moisturizer, a dermatologist-developed formula that helps strengthen skins moisture barrier. This product sells from $7-$45.

Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator - This is another best selling Clinique product. The Clinique moisture surge 100H auto-replenishing hydrator is a fan-favourite hydrator from Clinique, lightweight, oil-free gel-cream which penetrates deep and lasts around 100 hours. This product had aroud 4.9 positive review from 3083 happy customers at the time of writing this post. This product sells between $17 - $84.

Almost Lipstick in Black Honey - It's Clinque's cult classic lip shade. According to Clinique, 4 of this product are sold every minute globally. It has 2 shades. At the time of writing this post, the product as around 4.9 positive reviews from 1487 happy customers. The product is sold for $24 on the company's website.

Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm - This is another popular product from the company. This product sells between $14 - $51 on their website. It is Clinique's number one (#1) makeup remover in a silky balm. It had a review of 4.9 from 1540 happy customers at the time of writing this post.

Other bestselling Clinique products include:

New Moisture Surge Broad Spectrum SPF 28 Sheer Hydrator ($30 - $48).

Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Serum ($25 - $175).

Clinique Smart Clinical Repair Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream ($58 - $94).

Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($35).

For more details about Clinique's products, you can visit their website which has details about their products, offers which gives you up to 50% off select items and the opportunity to get some products free with the purchase of an eligible product.

What is Clinique Smart Rewards?

Clinique smart rewards is a loyalty programme that offers Clinique customers purchase bonuses. Hence, for those who join the smart rewards programme, they are eligible for 1 free reward bonus for every one dollar spent on Clinique or from a participating agent.

Customers can then exchange these reward points for a full-size product or deluxe mini, redeemable with 150 reward points or more, with a product purchase. You also stand to get 15% off your first order, birthday gift with $45 order. 

Clinique's smart rewards are in tiers. Below are the available tiers:

Smart Tier: 0 - 249 points
Brilliant Tier: 250 - 499 points
Genius Tier: 500+ points

With the smart rewards programme, the more you spend, the more points you earn.

If you wish to join the smart reward programme, you need to create an account on Clinique's website. You can do so by visiting the following web page.

How to Login or Sign Up on Clinique's Main Site

Clinique's main site is the site where you can register to buy products. This site also offers valuable perks and reward bonuses on eligible purchases. It is an online or ecommerce website where you can order a range of beauty and skin care products which could be shipped to you in any part of the world.

To sign up or register, visit the signup page on their website to create an account. If you already have an account, you could login via the following link.

Clinique App

Does Clinique have an app?

At the time of compiling this post, Clinique does not have any official app on the Google playstore where customers could buy or purchase items, neither does it have any app for the purported B2c programme.

However, it has a mobile app in playstore for learning, called 'Clinique eLearning'. The app is for people that want to learn and get insight in skincare, beauty and the relative products.

Is Clinique Legit?

About Clinique's legitimacy, I seek to present the answer in two, both relative to Clinique's products and its purported B2c programme.

The legitimacy of Clinique's products could be deciphered from the reviews and testimonies gotten from those who have previously bought their products. There are many positive reviews online about the positive sides of their products, and how they work. Their products are also in high demand. Clinique is a company that has carved both a name and a niche for itself over the years. The company is now a multinational brand which has branches all over the world, manufacturing, distributing and selling beauty, cosmetic and skin care products.

So if you're asking if it's legit?

Read the above again to get a grasp of Clinique's legitimacy.

What about Clinique's B2c legitimacy? How Legit is it?

Clinique B2c was paying as of the time of writing this post. My test confirmed that the b2c programme was paying in 2023 but it is not likely that the platform is owned by the real Clinique company.

How Does it Work? What is Clinique B2C, Review & How Do People Make Money From It?

Clinique b2c is a referral programme which creates an opportunity for people to make passive income by inviting others to join the programme and invest in the company/business. The programme has three levels of reference. This means that you can earn daily incomes from the investments of both your first level and second level referrals (B2C). Your commission amount depends on the value/price of the product you invest in. The higher the product, the higher the daily income you receive from it.

Similarly, if your referrals invest in higher rated/ranked products your earning commissions are also higher. Your accruable commissions from your B level referrals are higher than those from your C level referrals which is also dependent on the prices of the products bought or invested in.

According to the programme sources, participants of the programme help the company to do business by buying products through investment. These products are not shipped to you the investor, but to buyers who buy them directly from the company or its partners. The accrued profits are then, shared between the company and the investors.

The various ways to earn in the B2C programme are these:

  • You can earn money by investing in, or buying a product. Each product has a validity period. You earn money daily from every product you have bought. Every product have information regarding its validity period, how much you can earn daily from it, how many times it could be bought, e.t.c.
  • Welcome bonus which is deposited to your account as soon as you join.
  • Daily random bonus which can be redeemed by anybody who gets hold of the redemption code on time. The code expires after 10minutes, so, it is only the early birds that get the opportunity to redeem a bonus.
  • Opportunity to earn from the investments of your B&C level referrals, hence, the more people you refer, the more money you can make.

More Information on Clinique B2C Earning Programme

Some products on the platform especially those of the eye care products have maximum amount of time they could be ordered. 

With the eye care range of products, the minimum investment option is #3,000. This has a return on investment (ROI) of #5,808, daily income of #132 and validity period of 44 days. You can only purchase this product once. The highest product in this category is Eye Care-05. It is valued at #52,000, has an ROI of #137,280, daily income of #2860 and a validity period of 48 days. It is only limited to 3 subscriptions.

With Clinique essence, the cheapest product that could be bought is Essence-01 valued at #5,000. This has a total income of #10,350, daily income of #225 and a validity period of 46 days; and the highest product that could be bought in the essence range of products, is Essence-05 which is valued at #96,600. It has a daily income of #5,796, total income of #312,984 and a validity of 54 days.

How to Sign Up for the b2c Programme

To sign up, you have to visit the b2c website here. On the page that opens, fill in the registration information required. 

Fill the registration form
Fill the registration form.

Enter your phone number, verification code (to get the verification code, input your phone number in the box provided for it, scroll down to the box below it where verification code is required, then click send. Verification code is sent to your phone number. Copy it back into the box).

Getting and filling back the verification code
Getting and filling back the verification code

Skip the invitation code box. It will already be prefilled for you. Next, choose a strong password and click 'Register'.

After your account is created, you can then login to buy products.

In order to invest or buy a product, you'll first have to fund your account. To fund your account, click 'Recharge', select any of the available payment channels, enter the amount to fund your account with and click 'recharge'.

Funding the account
Funding the account

Minimum funding account is #3,000.

How to Invest or Buy a Product

To buy a product or invest on the B2C platform, click on the merchandize tab. Click into the product you wish to buy by clicking 'View Details' and click 'Confirm'.

You must have enough balance in your account otherwise, the order would fail. You can follow these steps to order other products on the platform.

How to Add Account & Withdraw money from the Platform

Now let's talk about how you can withdraw your earnings or funds from the platform.

To withdraw your funds, you'll first have to add an account number which should be in your name registered on the platform. You can add more than one account number. When withdrawing your funds, you'll have the option to choose which account you wish to withdraw the money to.

To add an account number, click on the 'Home' tab, then on 'Bank Card'. 

Adding an account
Adding an account

Click 'Add bank card'

Select your bank and enter your account details which include the Payee name (Name on your account), and the account number.

Choosing an account
Choosing an account

After that, click 'Confirm', and the account number will be added.

To withdraw money, click on the 'Home' tab, then on 'Withdraw'.

Funding options. Click withdraw to begin processing a withdraw.
Funding options. Click withdraw to begin processing a withdraw.

Enter the withdrawal amount and choose an account to withdraw to. This should be one of the account numbers entered in the step above. You can only withdraw from your account balance. This could include your deposits, earned commissions, bonuses and ROI.

How to Claim Your Daily Earnings

You must login everyday to claim your earnings. To claim or receive your earning commissions, login to your account and click on the 'Personal' tab. Next, click 'Receive'. This will add the amount under the 'available' tab to your balance. Earnings/commissions must be claimed or received to your account balance everyday or you stand a chance to loose the earnings for that particular day. 

How to Earn Daily Bonus

Daily bonus codes are distributed on the WhatsApp platform. When you sign up, you'll be sent a WhatsApp invitation code. You may click the invitation code to join the WhatsApp group. In the group, meetings are held twice to thrice everyday where they enlighten newcomers, share more information about the programme and people share screenshots of their dashboard to show their achievements and progress. Usually before the meeting ends or at the meeting thereof, the bonus code is shared. To redeem your bonus, login to your profile, click 'Personal' tab, then scroll to bonus redemption.

Redeeming bonus
Redeeming bonus

Tap 'Bonus redemption' and enter your bonus code (the one you copied from the WhatsApp group) into the box provided.

Clinique: B2c, Reviews, Login, Signup, Legit?, App, Clinique Products | Clinic Llc, Celesllc
Entering the bonus code

When you are done, click 'Confirm'. The bonus amount will be added to your account balance after this step. If the code has expired, you will get nothing but an error message that the bonus code is incorrect.

Final notes: 

Is the Clinique b2c earning program legit?

As at the time of writing this post, it is a way to earn passive income online but we cannot guarantee if it will remain so forever. We don't know exactly if the b2c programme is linked to Clinique but we do know that it is an online passive income source in 2023.

What is the best way to access the platform?

The platform is better accessed via a mobile phone browser as our test on PC didn't provide a comfortable navigation.

How do I sign up on the platform?

To sign up, scroll up to the link provided above under the heading 'How to Sign up for the b2c Program', or click here to sign up.

Final Verdict After Monitoring the Platform for Some Months

After monitoring the acclaimed Clinique B2C earning platform for a period of about 2 months, here is my final verdict on the platform:

Recall in my post earlier, I hinted on the possibility of the platform being a scam since it was unverifiable, their link or connection with the purported Clinique company.

My final verdict therefore, is that the platform is a scam.

It is a scam website that tries to trick people into making investments and thereafter, the scammers behind the scene would crash the site after extracting good funds from unsuspecting victims.

Here are the things I've learnt and observed from keeping a close watch on the platform for months.

  1. The platform was paying initially.
  2. Payments were made through P2P.
  3. They would often create a WhatsApp group or telegram channel to keep people's hopes alive by sharing earnings and investments screenshots and allaying peoples fears.
  4. The platform could continue for as long as the admins want it to last. It is usually the admins that would always crash it due to greed.
  5. The platform might have existed before with other names, branding and domain.
  6. The admins behind the platform will likely bring it back using another branding to deceive other victims.
  7. From indications, the platform has changed domain (web URL) 3 times at the least. (, and These are independent companies that this platform is mimicking. After camouflaging as a particular company for months. They would crash the system, them come back a few months afterwards with a different branding to continue their deception.
  8. As of the time of making this verdict, the platform was still up, but not paying any longer. The admins may rebrand the system and come up with a different name and web address probably next year to deceive their next victims.
From the forgone, it is clear that Clinique B2C or is not linked or connected to the original Clinique company. The earning/investment platform is a scam and users should beware of the possibility of them launching again as another brand or name. It is also crystal clear that they have no bearing with the said Oriflame which is an independent company. Don't be surprised when you see another investment platform next year in the name of a popular brand you know. Definitely, they won't start this year again, as from the details I've gathered from closely monitoring their activities show that they have timelines or windows for launching and crashing the system.

You therefore need to be watchful about their next ploys so you don't fall a victim. I have decided to leave my earlier post up and write this final verdict underneath so you can see how these people are moving about, and using the names and logos of different brands, and so you may know that they could come up with an entirely different brand other than Clinique or Oriflame tomorrow. These same scammers may be behind most of the online scamming investment platforms that have been in existence for the past few years such as GMGtries, Opay investment, Palpay investment, MMM and other such Ponzi schemes. You must therefore be watchful for their next moves in order not to fall a victim.

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