Airtel Awoof Data Offer: Get 1GB @ N100, 2GB @ N200, 3GB @ N300 Using This Subscription Code

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 Airtel Awoof Data Offer: Get 1GB @ N100, 2GB @ N200, 3GB @ N300 Using This Subscription Code

Are you looking for cheap data subscription codes for your airtel line? Airtel, one of the telecom giants in Nigeria, is giving out some cheap data packages to her subscribers.

Over the years, Airtel has proved to be one of the best mobile telecommunication network provider in the country.

Airtel which is available in Nigeria and in some other African countries has decided to make life easier for her subscribers by providing some affordable data packages for her esteemed subscribers. One of such is the cheap awoof data offer where you can get 1GB for N100, 2GB for N200, and 3GB for N300.

So how would you subscribe to this package?

The subscription procedure is simple.

To get this offer, simply dial: *312*562# on your Airtel line. This offer is limited and may not be available to every subscriber on the network.

To see if it is available to you, dial the above code on your airtel line to confirm. From the list of options that pop up, you will be able to select the package to opt in for.

What to note about this awoof data offer:

The data plan/bundle lasts for 5days.

You can choose from any of the options when you dial the above code. To opt in for the N100 plan, select 1 from the prompt, to opt in for the N200 plan, select 2 from the prompt and to opt in for the N300 plan, select option 3 from the prompt.

Hope this helps to subscribe to the cheap airtel awoof data offer: 1Gb for N100, 2GB for N200 and 3GB for N300.

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