How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI Almost For Free In 2024

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How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI Almost For Free In 2024 

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI Almost For Free In 2024 

2024 is here already. It is a year to get up on your feet and start making some money online or offline through the use of AI or manual methods.

AI, short for artificial intelligence, is being integrated in almost every facet of human endeavours in recent years. One of such, is the ability to create customized digital products and assets. AI helps in reducing the time necessary to create certain tasks, and in reducing repetitive tasks.

In this post, you are going to learn one of the ways you can put AI to work, to create some digital products and custom designs that you can sell to make money in 2024 and beyond.

We will create designs which we are going to sell on Zazzle or other similar websites.

Zazzle is an online marketplace where creators create and upload designs. The designs are used for creating physical products which are ordered/bought by buyers. As a designer, you can set the price of the item.

The first step is to look for a niche that is not highly competitive.

We are going to generate and sell patterns. This is not only for the fashionistas, as everyone can do this. It is pretty simple and straight forward.

Foremostly, we will generate the prompts for the pattern.

So, head over to ChatGPT and enter the following prompt:

Give me pattern ideas that can be generated with AI

You will get the answers to your prompt from ChatGPT. Something similar to this:

Certainly! Here are some pattern ideas that can be generated with AI:

  1. Fractal Patterns:

    • Use recursive algorithms to create intricate fractal patterns.
    • Experiment with Mandelbrot or Julia sets for a mathematical touch.
  2. Generative Art Patterns:

    • Let AI generate unique abstract art patterns with various colors and shapes.
    • Incorporate randomness for a dynamic and unpredictable result.
  3. Geometric Patterns:

    • Create symmetrical and asymmetrical geometric patterns using AI algorithms.
    • Play with polygons, circles, and lines to design visually appealing arrangements.
  4. Organic Patterns:

    • Mimic nature-inspired patterns, such as leaves, flowers, or waves.
    • Use algorithms that simulate natural growth processes.
  5. Textile Patterns:

    • Generate patterns suitable for fabrics, wallpapers, or carpets.
    • Experiment with different motifs, colors, and scales.
  6. Pixel Art Patterns:

    • Create retro-style pixel art patterns with AI.
    • Implement algorithms to generate pixel-based designs with a nostalgic feel.
  7. Abstract Patterns:

    • Let the AI create abstract patterns with unique shapes and color combinations.
    • Use algorithms that focus on non-representational forms.
  8. Tessellations:

    • Generate tessellating patterns that repeat without gaps or overlaps.
    • Explore different shapes and arrangements for tessellation.
  9. Cubist Patterns:

    • Create patterns inspired by the cubist art movement.
    • Use algorithms to break down and rearrange forms in a cubist style.
  10. Algorithmic Patterns:

    • Develop patterns based on mathematical algorithms.
    • Utilize equations, trigonometric functions, or cellular automata for interesting results.
  11. Data Visualization Patterns:

    • Transform data into visual patterns using AI.
    • Represent data points with varying colors, shapes, and sizes.
  12. Kinetic Patterns:

    • Generate patterns that give a sense of movement or change over time.
    • Use algorithms that animate or evolve the pattern dynamically.
  13. Symmetry Breaking Patterns:

    • Experiment with patterns that start symmetrically and then introduce controlled asymmetry.
    • Explore how breaking symmetry can add interest and complexity.
  14. Mosaic Patterns:

    • Create mosaic-style patterns using AI.
    • Use algorithms to arrange and blend different elements into a cohesive design.
  15. Minimalist Patterns:

    • Generate clean and simple patterns with a minimalist aesthetic.
    • Focus on a limited color palette and straightforward geometric shapes.

Feel free to customize and combine these ideas to create unique and captivating patterns using AI algorithms!

In the next step, you will prompt ChatGPT to give you patterns based on what you've chosen. You might have chosen to go with Kinetic Patterns. In that case, you would ask the AI to give you a narrowed-down number of your chosen pattern.

Assuming I choose to go with flower pattern, I can prompt ChatGPT to give me flower patterns that I would use for the next step.

Give me 19-20 simple flower paterns that's in demand

You should end up with this kind of result:

Certainly! Simple flower patterns can be versatile and appealing. Here are 19-20 flower patterns that are in demand:

  1. Daisy Delight:

    • Create a repeating pattern of simple daisy flowers in various colors.
  2. Cherry Blossom Bliss:

    • Design a pattern inspired by cherry blossoms with delicate pink flowers.
  3. Sunflower Symphony:

    • Feature sunflowers in a repeating pattern, capturing their vibrant yellow petals.
  4. Botanical Bouquet:

    • Arrange a mix of different flowers in a bouquet-style pattern.
  5. Tulip Time:

    • Showcase the elegance of tulips in a pattern with varied tulip shapes.
  6. Rose Garden Elegance:

    • Craft a classic pattern with roses in a variety of sizes and colors.
  7. Wildflower Meadow:

    • Create a meadow-inspired pattern with assorted wildflowers.
  8. Lotus Serenity:

    • Design a tranquil pattern with simple lotus flowers.
  9. Pansy Parade:

    • Feature pansies in a repeating arrangement, incorporating diverse colors.
  10. Lily Love:

    • Capture the beauty of lilies in a pattern with graceful, elongated petals.
  11. Poppy Passion:

    • Craft a bold and vibrant pattern with iconic poppy flowers.
  12. Marigold Magic:

    • Design a pattern with cheerful marigold flowers in warm tones.
  13. Carnation Charm:

    • Create a charming pattern using simple carnations in various hues.
  14. Orchid Opulence:

    • Showcase the exotic beauty of orchids in a repeating design.
  15. Peony Perfection:

    • Craft a pattern featuring the lush and full blooms of peonies.
  16. Aster Affection:

    • Design a sweet pattern with dainty aster flowers.
  17. Hydrangea Harmony:

    • Arrange hydrangea blossoms in a pattern with their distinctive clustered blooms.
  18. Zinnia Zen:

    • Create a playful and colorful pattern with zinnia flowers.
  19. Iris Impressions:

    • Design a pattern inspired by the unique and elegant iris flowers.
  20. Camellia Classic:

    • Craft a timeless pattern using the simple and elegant camellia flower.

These simple flower patterns can be adapted to various products such as textiles, stationery, and digital backgrounds, making them versatile and in demand for a range of applications.

Now that you have these pattern ideas, you can use any of them to create the actual pattern.

To create the pattern, let us head over to Creative Farica Spark.

Creative Fabrica Spark can be used to create designs and digital assets simply by entering prompts. It is an AI tool that will simplify the pattern creation process.

Creative Fabrica Spark
Creative Fabrica Spark

Now enter your prompt. You can enter the prompt in this format: (Name of the Pattern) + Pattern Watercolor. E.g.: Rose flower Pattern Watercolor.

Here are some patterns that I generated:

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI For Free In 2024

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI For Free In 2024

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI For Free In 2024

For me, these patterns are beautiful. I don't know about you. They were generated with just a simple prompt. Years ago, this would take a professional designer to create, and it would take time to create them. But this took me less that 10seconds to create with AI.

Now that you have created the patterns, in the next step, head over to Zazzle

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI For Free In 2024

Create an account then click on "Sell". Set up your store and create your product. Choose the appropriate category for the product and upload the image. Each time a customer orders your product, Zazzle will handle all the processes for you including order fulfilment, shipment, etc. You will be paid through PayPal or Cheque.

Zazzle is a popular marketplace with over 10M monthly traffic.

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI For Free In 2024

Another alternative to zazzle you could use to sell your digital product is Society6. Society6 has over 3M monthly traffic. 

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI For Free In 2024

You can also sell the designs in the Creative Fabrica marketplace. While creative Fabrica Spark has a suite of AI tools that make jobs faster and easier, the marketplace serves as host to many digital assets and services. You can sell your design in the marketplace as well. The difference is that no physical product would be created for your designs. They could be bought and used as scrapbooks or printed for other purposes.

I almost got carried away to mention that Creative Fabrica Spark is a subscription based product. The subscription price for the  product is a whooping $348 per year, but here is the catch. If you subscribe at the discounted price, you'll keep paying that price forever. The discounted price is $29.99 per year.

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI Almost For Free In 2024

You can also try the product free for 30days at no extra cost. Here is the link to the subscription trial.

How To Create & Sell Digital Products & Designs With AI Almost For Free In 2024

I earlier mentioned ChatGPT in this post. You can sign up on openai's website to use chatGPT for free. You can use chatGPT 3.5 which is free to generate the prompts. 

Hope this helps you to generate some passive income on the side in 2024. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Note: There are affiliate links in this post; if you click on them and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

This content is provided without charge, and by clicking on these links, you will be helping me out, which is very appreciated.

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