How Artistes Can Make Money With Their Lyrics On Musixmatch

How Artistes Can Make Money With Their Lyrics On Musixmatch

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Do you know you can make money from your song lyrics on Musixmatch? Well, Musixmatch is one of the internet's largest host, with many mainstream publishers and labels, as well as curators and musicians on the platform.

This post is meant to give you insight on how you could earn money from your music lyrics on Musixmatch.

Musixmatch also has versions for most popular operating systems today. You can download their android app from the playstore if you use android, or the apple store if you use iOS or Mac. There is also a version available for windows. What the program does, is to display lyrics of popular songs, and songs they have lyrics of, when the music start playing on your device, or devices of those who have it installed.

Apart from you earning money from your music using the platform, one other benefit you stand to gain from having your song lyrics on Musixmatch, is that it gives more credibility to your music, and helps fans of your music learn your songs quickly, while at the same time, you're still earning. I guess that's beautiful right?

One quick thing to note however, is that for Musixmatch to detect your music on your listeners devices, your songs must be hosted by popular DSPs like Apple music, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, Amazon, and Gracenote.

To begin to earn money on Musixmatch for your song lyrics, first and foremost, you'd have to sign up and verify your artiste profile on the platform. To do this, visit, and click on get started.

After creating your artiste profile, head on to the following web page on Musixmatch website to create a publisher account.

Musixmatch is only able to pay publishers for use of distribution of their lyrics. If you have a publisher who does this on your behalf, then you don't need to do it anymore, as they may have partnered with Musixmatch already.

However, if you're an independent artiste, as well as a self-published musician, you may go ahead to sign up and collect your publisher royalties from Musixmatch.

Upon visiting the publisher page, you will be greeted with the following message:

Thank you for your interest in joining Musixmatch for Publishers.

You will be able to distribute your lyrics and get royalties paid. Your lyrics will be published on Instagram Stories, Google and streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Shazam and
Click on the Get Started link to proceed.

On the next page, choose if you are a publisher, or a self-published artiste.

If you select self published artiste, you'll need to supply further information for Musixmatch to be able to identify you.

Enter your stage name to proceed.

On the next page, enter your full name, i.e your first and last name, and click OK.

Enter your email address on the next page, and click OK.

Type or select the country you are based.

Afterwards, you'll need to provide your Apple Music profile link.

Next, you'll link your Spotify profile link. Go to your Spotify artiste page, and copy the url, then paste in the field where you're asked to provide your Spotify artiste profile link.

To access your artiste profile from Nigeria, you may need to use a VPN since Spotify is not currently available to Nigerians. 

After linking your Spotify artiste profile, you'll need to link your Musixmatch artiste profile. The one we created earlier on.

After linking your verified artiste profile, follow the next prompts to complete the sign up process and begin to monitize, as well as distribute your lyrics to major DSPs. You will be able to add your song lyrics on Musixmatch as a verified artiste. Lyrics you add will also be displayed as official lyrics.

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