MTN Cheap Data: How To Get 6GB For N1500 On MTN | Sundayadoga

How To Get Whooping 6GigaBytes(6GB) On MTN For 1500 Naira

MTN DATA: How To Get 6GB For N1500 On MTN | Sundayadoga

Did you know you could get 6 whooping GigaBytes for just 1500 Naira on MTN? Yes it's possible, and that's exactly what I'm about to share with you.

Most Nigerian Telecommunication networks are coming up with some juicy offers these days, ranging from data bonuses, airtime topups, free sms, etc.

MTN, Nigerian largest telecommunication network, with the highest subscribers in the country, is not left out in the free bonus offers being given to subscribers. One of such bonuses include: How to Recharge and get 5x bonus on MTN,  How to Recharge 400 Naira, and Get 2000 Naira Bonus on MTN, and How to Get 2GB on MTN for Only N200

In this post however, I am about to share with you one of the most mouth watering offer by MTN, this year, and even as the year runs out and we enter into the new year, let us hope that this offer will last, and that the network upholds it in good faith, and continue to provide such free and cheap offers and benefits to Nigerians.

In order to get the MTN 6GB for N1500, you'll only need to send a simple code.

But before we dive into that, what are the benefits of the MTN 6GB for N1500 offer?

The following, are some of the benefits of this cheap MTN 6GB offer:

  • The 6GB offer is cheap. Imagine getting 6GB for N1500? This is the same amount of data we were paying around N10,000 for around 3 years ago. So you will definitely benefit from this offer, if you are a heavy data user.
For instance, if you watch videos on Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and others, then you defintely need a cheap data like this, since online video streaming could be very data consuming, therefore, the MTN 6GB for N1500 offer will be good for you. This is the same amount you would use to buy MTN 1.5GB monthly data plan if I hadnt tell you this.

  • The MTN 6GB for N1500 plan can also be used on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other web browsing activities.
  • Unlike the MTN 2GB for N200 plan, the 6GB for N1500 plan can be used both in the daytime, and at night.
What the cons of the MTN 6GB for N1500 plan?
Below, are the cons of the offer:

  • The offer is valid for only 1 week.
Beside the above reason, I dont see any other con with the MTN 6GB offer.

To get the offer, just text 143 to 131.

Hope this helps? Having any challenge, let me know in the comment box.

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