4 Ways To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Cards & Accounts

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4 Ways To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Cards & Accounts 

4 Ways To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Cards & Accounts

In the event that you subscribed to a premium service and your card is being automatically debited on a recurring basis, you may be in a frenzy, and may have sought out ways to cancel auto debits on your card.

In this post, I will show you exactly how you can do that.

The first thing you can try is to check the platform, website or service you are subscribed to. If you know the website from where the automatic debits on your account are happening. A quick way to stop the auto debit, is to log into your account on the website and check the section that concerns your profile, account, billing, subscription, or something similar. You may likely see the service you are subscribed to here.

Using Canva for example for this treatise, I would like to show you how this works.

How To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Accounts

When you click through the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the Canva mobile app for Android, you are greeted with the above interface.

To cancel the pro subscription is as simple as starting off the process by clicking on the "Change settings" link.

Cancelling recurring billing and subscriptions on Canva

Now, you can click on the "Cancel plan" button to cancel the Canva recurring billing on your account.

How To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Accounts

Click on "Continue cancellation". On the next screen, you are asked to state your reason for cancelling the subscription.

How To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Accounts

How To Cancel Subscriptions & Auto Debits On Your Accounts

Now you have cancelled the Canva pro subscription which was or would be responsible for auto billing on your registered card.

The Canva example here is just a typical way to cancel a recurring and automatic debits on your account. This often happens because you have entered the card details on a website or app or a program that enables automatic debits from your account through a subscription service.

Chances are, you may have forgotten the service you subscribed to, and there may not be enough information to ascertain where the debits are emanating from.

In such a circumstance, your card management platform or issuer should provide a way for you to cancel such recurring debits on your account.

You would want to check on their website for a way to manage, control or curtail this.

If you are using PayPal for instance, there is a way to link up your debit/credit or ATM card to PayPal. Depending on the preferred way to pay you selected on PayPal, when you subscribed to a service through PayPal, your card may be debited first before your PayPal balance is affected, even when you have enough PayPal balance.

If you subscribed to a service through PayPal and debits are occurring to your account, you could easily cancel all subscription services you've done previously through PayPal. There is a section to view all services you have been subscribed to on PayPal. Scrolling through the list of services, you would cancel those you wish to cancel, and retain those you wish to retain.

Depending on your card issuer - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Verve, etc. You would  also be able to manage your card through their website which would also include the cancellation of recurring or subscription services on your account.

The last resort would be through your bank. You should first check if your bank provides a banking application, and if such banking application provides a way to manage your card and recurring subscriptions on it. If there is no application for doing this with your bank, or if the option is not available in your bank's banking app, there may be a USSD code for doing so, but even if this does not apply to your bank, your last bet is to go to your bank. Meet the customer service which would run a check on your account to find and cancel all recurring debits and subscription services. 

Alternative, you could contact your bank's customer agents by phone, email, chat, social media or any available means they have provided.

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