How To Withdraw / Transfer Money From Opay Wallet

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How To Withdraw / Transfer Money From Opay Wallet | All Opay Account Users

How To Withdraw Money From Opay Wallet | Opera News Hub & Opay Account Users

Opay is a payment wallet in Nigeria and other African countries. 

If you've been a newshub creator, you'd have discovered that Opera makes payment via Opay.

This is because the Opay financial ecosystem is owned by Opera. So Opay simply means 'Opera Pay'.

Opay is one of the most popular fintech companies in the country at the moment.

They gained a huge user base due to their cheap services, cashbacks, rewards, security, etc.

I will be sharing with you how you can withdraw your funds from Opay in this post. This is applicable to all Opera News Hub creators, and other users of Opay. 

There are various ways to withdraw money from your Opay wallet.

One way is to save or invest the money in OWealth and earn 15% ROI per annum.

Method 2 is to transfer the money to another Opay user.

Method 3 is to use the fund to acquire, buy or subscribe to services on the platform.

This include airtime top up, data subscription, DSTV, GOTV, and other TV subscriptions, Electric bill payment, etc.

You can also use the services of an Opay agent known as a merchant to withdraw your fund. In this case, you'll transfer the money to the agent's account, and he/she will give you cash directly.

You can also withdraw your money by applying for an Opay card, and use the card for online payments where visa cards are accepted, or withdraw from any bank's ATM.

Last but not definitely the least is, you can withdraw money from your Opay account by directly transferring to a physical bank account, then withdraw from that bank account either on the counter or via ATM.

So how do you transfer money to a bank account?

Let's see that below.

To transfer money from an Opay account to a bank account, click the 'transfer' button on the app UI. 

On the next screen, choose whether to transfer to a bank account or an Opay account.

Select your transfer option

If transferring to an Opay account, enter the Opay account number (phone) number, amount to send, description, then click 'Done'.

Input transfer details

You'll see details about the transfer on the next screen. Enter your payment pin to complete the transaction.

To transfer to a bank account, select 'Transfer to Bank account'.

On the next screen, enter the transfer details including account number of the recipient, recipient's bank, amount to send, recipient's phone number, and description.

Click 'Done'. On the next screen, you'll see the beneficiary's name, and transaction details including the charge on your account for executing the transaction.

If you are Okay with it, select the account you wish to make payment from, and enter your payment pin. 

Congrats! You've successfully sent money to the bank account. You can now withdraw the money either at the counter or via an ATM.

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