5 + Web Host Affiliate Programs To Make Money From In 2021 In Nigeria And Other Countries

5 + Web Host Affiliate Programs To Make Money From In 2021 In Nigeria And Other Countries

5 + Web Host Affiliate Programs To Make Money From In 2021 In Nigeria And Other Countries

Everybody desires to make money online, hence people are always looking for ways to make money online, and how they can earn a living from the comfort of their homes and be their own boss.

Over the years, people have made a lot of money online, and some have even resigned from their paid jobs, because online money making was earning them more than their daily paid jobs.

While there are very many methods of making money online. Affiliate program is also one of the legitimate means of earning a living online today, and in 2021, this will be very beneficial, as it will be sustained in coming years.

Affiliate marketing has existed for long, and it's widely known among affiliate marketers.

What you do in affiliate marketing, is to promote a product, and you earn a commission each time someone buys the product.

Isn't that cool?

You don't need to go through the rigours or processes of producing the product. You don't even need to know how the product is made. All you do, is promote, promote, and promote, and then you earn, earn, and earn. It is as simple as that!

Web hosts are servers used for hosting, and making websites, and web pages available on the internet.

There are many web hosting programs available today. 

Though not every web host out there offers an affiliate program, there are still many of them that do.

In this post therefore, I will show you exactly how you could make money online in Nigeria or any part of the world, just by promoting web hosting programs.

Lets get started without wasting much time.

GreenGeeks: Green geeks is a popular web host that pays affiliates up to $100 for signup on their platforms. To register for the green geeks affiliate program, head on to the Green Geeks website and click "affiliate" on the site navigation or the footer, to be taken to the affiliate signup page, and create an account with them.

A form is displayed. Fill the form with the required details and submit. also fill in your mailing address where Green Geeks will send your money if you select check (cheque) as a payment method. If you have PayPal account, select PayPal as the payment method at the bottom of the page and submit. It usually takes about 24 hours for your application to be reviewed and approved. When you sign up, you are automatically credited with $50 dollars for signing up. Below, is your affiliate commission when you work with Green Geeks:

1 sale .......... $50 /sale
2 sales ........... $60 /sale
3 sales .......... $70 /sale
4 sales .......... $80 /sale
5 sales .......... $90 /sale
6+ sales .......... $100 /sale
10+ sales .......... Custom Rate. Contact Green Geeks in this case to negotiate the price.

While on the page, click the affiliate link on the website navigation at the top of the page to begin the signup process.
GreenGeeks affiliate account signup link

BlueHost: BlueHost pays $65 for each eligible signup. BlueHost which has been in business since 2002, is one of the most trusted and most reliable hosting providers today. They are also one of the most popular hosting service providers on the web. Their cheapest plan sells for $3.95/month.

To sign up for the BlueHost affiliate program, click here
While on the page, scroll to the site navigation at the top of the page and click Affiliates.

BlueHost Affiliate signup link
BlueHost Affiliate signup link

HostGator: HostGator gives out $65 to its affiliates for every eligible signup. HostGator's affiliate signup process is managed by impact radius. During the signup process, you'll need to fill in your personal information, additional information, account information, then the review process which usually takes a few days. Each of these steps are grouped in tabs, where one completed sign up process opens up another. Once you've completed the signup process, click the submit button, and patiently wait while HostGator reviews your application. During the sign up process, you'll also need to provide links to your website, and the methods you wish to apply in the promotion process. Therefore endeavor you have a website before enlisting for this affiliate program.

After the above process has been completed, a success message is displayed, and HostGator sends a message to your email address, click on the link sent therein, to verify your email address.

HostGator successful account signup message
HostGator successful account signup message

With HostGator affiliate program, you can earn up to $125 dollars per month, depending on the number of signups.

Below, is a full detail of the affiliate commision at HostGator:

1-5 .................$65 /signup
6-10 ..............$75 /signup
11-20 .............$100 /signup
21+ ................$125 /signup

RillaHost: RillaHost is web hosting and domain management service with its headquarter in Lagos state Nigeria. RillaHost pays N300 as sign up bonus.

Affiliate commisions are capped at 5%. That's not quite big when compared to the foreign companies mentioned above anyways, but it's quite handy for a growing company. Minimum withdrawable balance is #5000. This means you cannot withdraw your earnings before reaching this treshold.

RillaHost Affiliate Program
RillaHost Affiliate Program

While on the affiliate program page, click the purple button below with an affiliate sign up message to begin the sign up process. Fill in all required details, and click the Register button.

RillaHost sign up process. Click the register button to complete the sign up process
RillaHost sign up process. Click the register button to complete the sign up process

To signup to the RillaHost affiliate Program, click here.

To be able to promote RillaHost using their affiliate links, you must first sign up on the platform. After signing up, you must then activate the affiliate account.

Once you finish signing up to the platform, click on the Affiliate link at the top right corner of the dashboard to get your affiliate link.

Click the affiliate link above. Your account is automatically credited with N300 signup bonus
Click the affiliate link above. Your account is automatically credited with N300 signup bonus

To sign up to RillaHost, click here

Qservers: Qservers is also a Nigerian owned hosting company based in Lagos. Much like any of the above mentioned servers, you can online sign up for affiliate program and promote their products if you so choose without any commitment or tie-down. 

Qservers offer N500 signup bonus. Their minimum withdrawal threshold is N3000. 

To begin promoting products on Qservers, you must first sign up to the platform, the dashboard looks much more like that of Rillahost, so you won't be lost here at all. 

After signing up, locate the Affiliate link on the top right corner of the page to get your affiliate code to begin promoting products on your website. 

Here, you could also get your affiliate link to promote Qservers on social media, via email, forums, or through any other legitimate means of affiliate programs promotion you wish to employ.

Has this post been helpful to you? Are you confused following any of the instructions? Have I omitted any popular web hosting affiliate program you know that you'd like me to include in the list? Leave all your comments here below.

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